We believe that true innovation is the art of making easier yet more versatile training tools.


The most advanced timekeeping system yet.

Adjustable countdown sequence for starting blocks “On your marks” - “Get set” - shot. It can be used also autonomously.

Stand-alone photocells without reflector alignment, easy radio pairing with the tablet, secure coded trasmission, quick mouting on tripod or clamp

Touchscreen tablet with Internet connection, times recorded on SD card or sent via email, automatic and free updates.


Simple and more effective training.

Schedule training season and daily sessions with a profes- sional yet intuitive tool: coach and team monitor easily their athletes.

Follow daily routine through your smartphone: annotate loads, timestamps and feedbacks. Record your performanc- es with Leonardo, our brand new timekeeping system.

Monitor your performances thanks to built-in advanced stats and charts, to train more simply and more effectively.


A revolutionary solution for indoor climbing.

Tito is a revolutionary yet simple timekeeping system for indoor climbing. Currently under development, we are engineering smart holds with a patent pending touch sensing. Stay tuned for more information.


Our system of timekeeping for swimming.

Nettuno is our timekeeping system for swimming. We are currently working on a prototype version; stay tuned for more information.

Portable and personal. Bring your own pad to the swimming pool.

Sound aid. Adjustable countdown sequence, guided shuttle tests, vocal pacemaker.

Poolside monitoring. Beautiful touchscreen tablet to be used by coach on the poolside, easy-to-use interface.

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  • Lisport is a young and innovative company that designs and manufactures the most advanced hardware and software solutions for simpler and more effective training.
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