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We have developed highly integrated hardware and software solutions for a versatile yet easy‑to‑use management of training in every kind of sport.

October 2016


Also in the 2016 edition, LISPORT is official partner at the International Festival of Athletics Coaching, organized by the European Athletics Coaches Association, to showcase the latest innovations for sport training.


What is Leonardo?

Leonardo is our exclusive timekeeping system with photocells for sprint race and athletic training, that has features which have no equal on the market and is extremely easy to use.

We designed Leonardo keeping our focus on the extremely simple daily use: some examples?

Photocells without reflectors allow to save time and space during installation (you can clamp them where you prefer, thanks to our clamps), while the integrated vocal assistant gives you the chance to use autonomously the starting blocks and experiment many other training dynamics.
The provided tablet syncs with to save timings and make Leonardo easy and pleasant to use.

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Exclusive features

Adjustable countdown sequence for assisted start in sprint training and to improve reflexes: usage by athletes is completely autonomous.

Stand-alone photocells without reflector alignment, easy radio pairing with the tablet, secure coded trasmission, quick mouting on tripod or clamp.

Touchscreen tablet with Internet connection, times recorded on, automatic backup and update.

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